An advanced exercise science certification is a specialized certification for fitness professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in exercise science. It covers advanced concepts in exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and sports psychology, allowing fitness professionals to develop personalized fitness programs based on the latest scientific research. This certification also helps fitness professionals advance their careers and open up new opportunities.

Eligibility requirements include a degree in exercise science or a related field and relevant work experience, with candidates needing to pass a comprehensive exam covering advanced exercise science concepts.

In conclusion, an advanced exercise science certification is an excellent way for fitness professionals to advance their knowledge and skills in the field of exercise science. This certification provides fitness professionals with a deeper understanding of how the body responds to exercise, which allows them to develop personalized fitness programs that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. Additionally, obtaining this certification can help fitness professionals advance their careers and open up new opportunities in the industry.


Duration - 10 Weeks


  • Conditioning and Reconditioning
  • Strengthening of Connective tissue.


Biomechanics of Resistance Exercise

  • Joint Biomechanics (Joints of Human Body)
  • Understanding various kind of levers in musculoskeletal system.


Energy System (Bioenergetics of Energy System)

  • Understanding various exercise intensity.
  • Energy, Substrate, Depletion and Repletion.


Endocrine Responses-

  • Responses of hormones to weight training.
  • Understanding Anabolic Hormones.
Adaptation of Training Programmes-
  • Understanding overtraining and detraining.
  • Potential of training programs to enhance strength, endurance, power and motor abilities.


Psychology of athletic performances and Preparation

  • Understanding areas of Concern Such as anxiety, attention, arousal, motivation, focus and its impact on physical performance.


Advanced Level Practical Session

  • MTUT
  • German Volume Training
  • SST Training
  • Giant Sets
  • Pyramid sets.

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