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Mechanical Time Under Tension (MTUT) is a training method that focuses on how much time your muscles are under tension during exercise. This innovative exercise approach helps you build muscle and increase strength by maximizing the time your muscles are engaged during a workout.

Our MTUT Workshop is designed to teach fitness professionals how to incorporate this training method into their programs. This workshop covers the key concepts of MTUT, including the science behind the method, the different types of MTUT exercises, and how to design effective MTUT workouts.

Our workshop is led by experienced trainers who have extensive knowledge in MTUT training. You’ll learn about the benefits of MTUT training, such as increasing muscle mass, improving strength, and promoting fat loss. We’ll also cover the best practices for integrating MTUT into your clients’ workouts.

Our workshop is suitable for fitness professionals of all levels, from beginners to experienced trainers. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification that recognizes your knowledge and skill in MTUT training.

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