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The Bodywizard workshop is focused on educating individuals on the sport of bodybuilding, which has been around for centuries and has experienced significant growth in recent years, gaining recognition on an international level. However, the sport has also seen a rise in the misuse and abuse of anabolic steroids and pharmaceuticals, which has had a detrimental impact due to a lack of knowledge and awareness.

At Bodywizard, we strive to create awareness and provide individuals with a better understanding of bodybuilding and the science behind it. Our workshop covers a range of topics that prepare individuals for bodybuilding competitions, including physiology, the endocrine system, hormones, peptides, pharmaceuticals, competition preparation, gaining and cutting down, water control, macro calculations, and diets for gaining and cutting down, among others.

topics will be covered

  • Know what Testosterone is.
  • what are derivatives of testosterone?
  • What are androgens?
  • what are Anabolic steroids?
  • what are peptides how to use them?
  • know about GH, IGF1, IGF2
  • HOW anabolic are used in bodybuilding.
  • competition preparation
  • what is Gaining phase in bodybuilding and how to do it
  • what is cut down?
  • what are diuretics?
  • water control
  • Pharmaceuticals used in cut down.
  • planning of Macronutrients in Competition
  • Myths and misconception on bodybuilding
  • Know what testosterone are.
  • Effects side effects
  • Prolonged use of peptides
  • Management
  • Calculation
  • Organ damages
  • Androgenic receptor
  • Various hormones
  • Pharmacology of pharmaceuticals
  • Water
  • Diuretics
  • Banned drugs.
  • Life threatening condition
  • Supplements

Bodybuilding Workshop - Duration - 5 days

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
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