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Balkrishna Nidhalkar is a National Kurush bronze medalist who has made significant achievements in the fitness industry. He started his journey as a trainee and loader at a gym in Pune and worked his way up to become a gym trainer. He then pursued a special operations course for his professional development and became a programmer/counselor at a gym, counseling people with various medical conditions and post-pregnancy issues.

Nidhalkar has trained many athletes, including state-level wrestler Shraddha Bore, national watersports player Somnath Nagar, and state-level bodybuilder Swapnil Garne. He managed two clubs before starting his own academy, Body Wizard Fitness Academy. The academy provides holistic courses of international standards, focusing on bodybuilding, nutrition, sports training, and more. Nidhalkar’s vision is to encourage sports in India, train athletes with proper knowledge, and empower them financially.

Balkrishna Nidhalkar is a National Kurush bronze medalist. He conducts seminars in several universities and is a technical coach for Maharashtra state. All these achievements came with a lot of hustle and beast modes.

Let’s find out how he began his journey into the fitness world. He started working as a trainee and loader at a gym in Pune. He got promoted to become a gym trainer very soon. He got various opportunities to work at different gyms and believed that “If you don’t upgrade, you become outdated”. Eventually he started personal training of various businessmen, athletes, gym enthusiasts, etc. He pursued a special operations course for his professional development. He was appointed as a programmer/counselor at a gym. He counseled people who had medical conditions, athletes, women who had post-pregnancy issues, etc.

He has trained many athletes such as Shraddha Bore- a state-level wrestler, Somnath Nagar- a national watersports player, and many more. He has also trained Swapnil Garne-a state-level bodybuilder.

His hard work paid off and his position kept on evolving with time. Later, he started managing two clubs, and naturally work increased. After a point, he reached a saturation level. After gaining much experience in the fitness industry, he could notice that something was missing.

At this point in life, he began thinking about opening his own academy. He observed that many gym trainers in India were not qualified and lacked proper training and guidance. Very few trainers had adequate training and knew what they were doing. He felt like they did not have complete knowledge and he strongly believes that “Half knowledge is always dangerous”. This led to the inception of Body Wizard Fitness academy. An academy that offers holistic courses of International standards.

Body Wizard’s initial challenge was to increase brand awareness amongst people. They offered an 8-day free workshop to gym trainers to build their brand name. Slowly and gradually, Body wizard got popularized. They began training people, recruiting them in different gyms, and providing quality knowledge to their participants. Today, various gyms contact the academy to provide them quality gym trainers.

Body Wizard provides courses that are easy to understand and implement. The academy provides training for bodybuilding, nutrition, sports training, and much more.  It focuses on providing quality knowledge and long-term benefits for their gym trainers. He envisions Body Wizard to provide proper knowledge and empower trainers to be financially independent. They also provide sports-specific training to their trainees for different sports such as swimming, judo, etc.

His vision is to encourage sports in India. Train athletes by providing them proper knowledge and empowering them financially. He wants to ensure that Body Wizard Fitness Academy is recognized all over India. He also envisions encouraging strength lifting and arm wrestling in Indian sports associations.


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